Credit and Payment Policy

There are a number of separate charges associated with your surgical procedure.  You MAY receive charges from several companies.

  1. Questions about your surgeon’s bill please contact thier office directly.
  2. Anesthesia services provided by: Anesthesia of Indian River, 772-778-9621.
  3. Pathology: if any tissue specimens are sent out for pathology for questions please contact them directly.

Grove Place Surgery Center will bill the facility charges only to your insurance provider on your behalf for your surgery. Co-pays, co-insurance and deductible will be collected the day of or prior to your surgery through our Billing office. After your insurance carrier has processed the claim, you will be expected to pay any patient responsibility due within 30 days. Financing is available through or call (800) 677-0718 for help completing an application.

Your insurance company, including Worker’s Compensation, auto (no fault) and personal injury, is legally responsible to you. Our relationship is with you, our patient, not your insurance company. Consequently, all charges incurred are your responsibility. The obligation to assure payment in a timely manner lies with you regardless of what your insurance company chooses to do. You should normally receive a response from your insurance company within 30 days of your date of service. If you experience a delay, it is expected that you contact your insurance company to check the status of your claim and to expedite payment. Please call our Billing Office at 772-257-7071 if you encounter a problem with your insurance company and need our assistance.

Grove Place Surgery Center’s policy is to turn over to an attorney or collection agency all accounts which are delinquent. You will be responsible for any collection fees that are incurred.
We utilize M-Net and Transworld as our collection agencies.


THE Grove Place Surgery Center WILL BILL AS FOLLOWS:

You will be responsible for any copay, coinsurance and/or unmet deductible amount on or before your date of service. We will submit your bill directly to your private insurance company and any secondary insurance you may have. A bill will be sent to you for any balance after receipt of payment or denial from your insurance companies. We must make a copy of each insurance card at the time of registration.

You will be contacted prior to your surgery with an ESTIMATED procedure cost for your surgery. Payment is due before your surgical visit. You will be asked to sign a financial agreement.